Reach Your Health Goals By Harnessing the Principle of Kaizen

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Kaizen is all about making small, incremental changes over a specified period of time. As time passes, these small changes in your daily habits are compounded. Eventually they lead to massive results and the achievement of your goals.

When it comes to your health, fitness and personal improvement, it’s wise to remember that you shouldn’t strive for big and quick improvement. Instead start with small, steady improvement.

To implement the principles of Kaizen into your life, it’s best to start by breaking down your health, fitness and dietary goals into smaller parts. Next, decide each month what you want to achieve. Then decide what to strive for each week, and finally each day.

It’s important that you focus on tasks that are easy to complete and those that will give you the greatest rewards first.

For example, if one of your goals is to save money on groceries, then start by clipping coupons.

If one of your goals is to make healthier meals for your family, a first step could be to find out all you can about the healthiest versions of your family’s favorite meals. Search for “healthy hacks” recipes and try substituting healthy ingredients that won’t drastically affect the overall appeal of the meal.

Your next step might be to clean out your kitchen, getting rid of all unhealthy food, drinks and snacks.

Slowly but surely you’ll see the changes you’ve been striving for. Soon you’ll see continual improvement in your lifestyle and of course, most important … your family’s health.

Whether you’re following the Kaizen principle of not, it just makes sense to make small, manageable changes every day … instead of massive life-altering changes that are sure to fail. If you won’t stick to small steps, you surely won’t be able to cope with a drastic long-term lifestyle shifts.


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Aim for long-term changes that have the ability to compound over the years.

Don’t get impatient!

Remember that all transformations worth making will take time.

For changes to succeed and become “habits”, they must be repeated continuously. Also, you’ve got to be able to see small, measurable improvements as they happen.

When you see yourself and your family enjoying a happier and healthier lifestyle, you’ll know that your goal to eat healthier is becoming a reality. Slowly but surely you’re achieving your goal of having a much better way of life!

To take this Kaizen principle a step further, try something new. Test it out and see if it works and if it can also become a “continuous improvement” in your life.

You’re sure to have some hits and some misses, but stick to those things that work for you and your family.

This way you’ll always have some measure of success, and you’ll repeatedly see gradual and continual improvement.

Keep in mind that each decision you make determines how your life will be different and/or better. If it can be different but not better, try something else.

When your decisions become intentional and consciously thought out, you’ll have a much clearer and better understanding of where your life is going with these new changes. This new clarity and focus guarantees you’ll be successful at whatever goals you’ve set!

To read more about the basics of Kaizen, check out this blog post: “What Is Kaizen … And How Can It Help Me?

How would you use Kaizen? Post your ideas below …

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