Keep Your Mind Sharp with These 5 Fun Brain Exercises

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brain exercises

Let’s face it, we’re all getting older. But at least we don’t have to search far to find ways to keep our mental acuity up to speed.

Exercising your brain is an important activity and doesn’t cost a thing.

Stimulating your brain will improve your memory, prevent boredom and ward off depression while you keep your mind sharp and alert.

It’s also an important part of keeping our independence as we age.

Here are five fun brain exercise tips to help you rejuvenate your mind and keep your brain sharp

  1. Use your imagination. Remember when you were a kid and you’d use your imagination to entertain yourself?
    It’s an important part of growing up – and as we grow older, it remains an important part of our brain stimulation.
    Look up at the sky and use your imagination to create images from cloud formations or rename flowers and trees you may see on a daily walk to reflect how you view them.
    Meditate and visualize yourself in a peaceful place and let your imagination run wild.


  2. Use neurobics to improve your senses. Neurobics are exercises which utilize each of the five senses to express yourself.
    For example, practice buttoning a blouse or tying shoelaces with your eyes closed, or eating or brushing your teeth using your non-dominant hand.


  3. Read lots of books. If your eyes are failing, use a tablet, smart phone  or audio books to listen to as many books as possible.
    While you’re at it, read the classics or learn a new activity, craft or language.
    Learning helps the brain process more quickly and also helps invigorate your thinking skills.


  4. Physical exercise for faster brain processing. For baby boomers like us, overall physical fitness is also important for brain fitness.
    It helps maintain strong blood vessels which can carry oxygen and nutrients to the brain for continual health and development.


  5. Engage in brain games. Games which cater to baby boomers and seniors can be a great help in maintaining memory and intellectual capacity.
    Many games can be found online such as puzzles, video games, face memory games and others that exercise the brain.
    Sudoku is a popular game which can be found in newsstands or book stores and involves memory and math.


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Exercising your brain should be an integral part of everyone’s daily activities. It can help keep the brain active and working well all the way through the senior years.
The things that interest you and the things that you find challenging are all good for the brain.

Keeping your brain in good shape may also solve other problems as we transition from boomers to seniors, such as concentration and focus problems.

Balance issues may also be overcome with certain exercises for the brain. Be sure to discuss memory and other problems with your doctor for more ideas.

~ Donna


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