Go From Stressed to Serene in Less than 15 Minutes with 4 Nature Inspired Meditations

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Go from Stressed to Serene

Enjoy these four meditations inspired by woodlands.

All you need to get started is a quiet spot and a comfortable sitting position.

Trees play a major role in our life, literally and symbolically.

Considering how much we depend on them, it’s natural to welcome them into our meditation practice.

Trees purify the air we breathe and enchant us with their beauty.

Many religions refer to a “tree of wisdom” or a “tree of life”.

We speak of a “family tree” to describe our relationship with our loved ones.

Here are four meditations inspired by trees …

Observe your breath for a few minutes and then begin to reflect …

A Meditation on Feeling Grounded

  1. Press down gently. Let yourself sink into the earth as though there was a faint pressure pushing down on your shoulders and your body was growing heavier. Make any adjustments you need until you feel firmly planted.
  1. Think about what anchors you. Define your own roots. Examine the core values or faith traditions that you rely upon.
  1. Contemplate a sense of stability. Appreciate that experience of being firm yet flexible. Recognize your ability to endure all kinds of weather and conditions.
  1. Remember to check in. Remind yourself to turn towards your strengths. Keep them in the front of your mind.

A Meditation on Seeking Shelter

  1. Observe your thoughts. If you’re feeling uneasy, figure out what is on your mind. Take note of your concerns without making judgments.
  1. Consider those around you. Notice what others are going through. Consider their struggles.
  1. Mentally send them positive energy. Extend a heartfelt wish for everyone to be happy. Imagine that all their cares dissolve and all their needs get met.
  1. Imagine giving comfort. Picture yourself as a tree. Believe that you protect yourself and others from difficulties the same way a tree offers shade. You’ll soon feel more resilient and motivated to help others.

A Meditation on Small Beginnings

  1. Contemplate acorns and oaks. It’s amazing that simple little acorns turn into mighty oak trees. Think about all the ordinary things that are really remarkable.
  1. Pick a big job. Face a major task you’ve been putting off. Maybe you want to change careers or travel through India.
  1. Break it down. Identify the first step you would need to take. It can be as modest as making a phone call.
  1. Resolve to get started. Assign yourself a timeline. Take that first step and build the momentum that will keep you going until you accomplish the most ambitious goals.

A Meditation on Branching Out

  1. Picture a growing tree. Maybe you have a tree in your backyard that spreads out wide and reaches towards the sky. Maybe you’ve seen giant elms that seem to branch out forever.
  1. Go to where you hesitate. Let your mind travel to a point where you’ve been holding yourself back. Ask yourself how you could benefit by volunteering at a charity you care about or learning a new sport.
  1. Muster up your courage. Trees would look a lot less impressive if they settled for being bare trunks because they only felt comfortable growing in one direction. Even if you encounter some setbacks, you’ll have a richer life when you venture into new territory.
  1. Visualize taking that risk. Reinforce your ambitions by creating a vivid image of yourself accepting a fresh challenge. If you’ve been cooking nothing but microwave dinners, focus on what it would be like to whip up a delicious, four-course dinner from scratch.

You can use these meditations anytime you want to generate more energy, peace, and happiness.

Now go hug a tree today … or just sit quietly and think about all their wonderful qualities!

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~ Donna

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