Bring Greater Joy and Happiness Into Your Life By Nurturing Your Inner Child

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Greater Joy and Happiness By Nurturing Your Inner Child

You can revel in the joys and wonders of the world by connecting with your childlike heart.

Give these activities a try and see how quickly you bring out the child in you. 

You’ll be glad you did!

Play time boosts your creativity.

Lose yourself in activities you enjoy. Play a game of tennis without worrying about the score or do some finger painting. Making a mess is part of the fun. You can clean it up later.

Sometimes, look silly on purpose. Dress up in funny hats or wear crazy socks.

Letting your imagination run free helps you to see new possibilities.

Dream about the places you want to visit and enjoy wild adventures in the safety of your home.

Showing off builds your confidence.

Recognize your strengths and abilities and use them to help others.

Expressing your delight brings more joy into your life

Let the local grocer know they sell the best kumquats in the neighborhood.

Smiling makes you instantly feel happier.

Your chores become less tedious. You make new friends.

Crying relieves your stress.

Show compassion for yourself when you’re struggling through hard times.

Taking a nap conserves your energy.

You’ll return to your daily routine feeling refreshed and ready to take on new challenges.

Today, nurture your inner child more than ever.

Connect with your feelings and share your toys.

Tell your friends you love them and give them a big hug.

Self-Awareness Exercises:

  1. What can you learn from your favorite childhood memories?

  2. Why is it important for you to allow yourself to be vulnerable?

  3. How can you become more spontaneous?

What are your favorite ways to be childlike? And how often do you play?

Let me know in the comments box below …

~ Donna

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